Natacha Bergman, 'Vision Vagabonde: Les lumières de l'esprit éclairent les cimaises de l'hiver', Citizen K, Winter 2013


Pre-posthumous Work

Life excavates before us the chasm of all the caresses that have been missed.
sighed Artaud in his ‘Art and Death’.

After having presented three of his works at the FIAC in October, American artist Lionel Maunz (b. 1976) continues to probe his mental crypt where, like sickly fossils, the mute traumas of existence are imprinted, testified by the artist to a point of obsession in iron, concrete, epoxy resin and sulfur. Like a glove which turns itself inside out to reveal its stitching, the work of Maunz shows itself more as a metaphysics of trauma than a theater of cruelty. A difficult work but still conceptual: carnal to the bone, heavy, deaf, brutal, labored, consuming.

(Translation by GG)




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