Ellie Ga
Carré Octogone Cercle
(Square Octagon Circle)
28 February–30 August 2015
Eureka, A Lighthouse Play, a performance by Ellie Ga
Sunday 12 April, 3pm

Le Grand Café, Contemporary Art Centre, Saint-Nazaire
Place des Quatre z'Horloges
44600 – Saint-Nazaire France

Measuring the Circle, 2013-14, Single channel split-screen video, sound

With a beautiful simplicity, the artist plays with the narrative structure of story and leads her audience on a captivating textual and visual inquiry, loaded with strata and serendipity. She could be a knowledgeable bore, but instead she is spontaneous and open to the unexpected—an essayist who leaves a lot of room for invention, a precious common point between the researching academic and the creating artist. In a past that is both ridden with gaps and over‑documented, where its interpretation and its memory often appear locked up in the imperfections of language, Ellie Ga's work liberates the circulation of meaning.

Curator: Sophie Legrandjacques, director of Le Grand Café – Contemporary Art Centre

Low Lies the Breakwater, 2013, C-print triptych

It Was Restored Again, 2013, Double slide projection: 160 slides

The Grand Replica, 2013, Wood, silver leaf

Ostomachion 17, 152 W and D, 2014, Graphite on paper

Four Thousand Blocks, 2013-14, Three-channel video, sound

Pharmakon, 2013, Letterpress on paper

Hours: Tuesday–Sunday 14–19h, Wednesday 11–19h
Free admission

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