bureau inc

Erica Baum & Constance DeJong
Bureau at Art Basel
Feature Sector
June 2017

The photographic work of Erica Baum and the narrative audio pieces by Constance DeJong represent singular approaches to storytelling. Baum’s “Naked Eye” series features fanned out pages of paperback books, spread open to reveal isolated figures. Anonymous women and iconic movie stars peek through brightly-colored page edges as if spied through parted curtains. These seductive images are accompanied by appropriated text works: gelatin silver prints from Baum’s historic "Card Catalogue" series and poetic verses from her more recent "Dog Ear" work. DeJong is a writer and performer working for over three decades on narrative within the context of avant-garde music and contemporary art. DeJong’s densely descriptive work, written for her own transporting voice, is here transmitted through modified vintage radios. She leads a meandering chronicle through myriad environments: a bustling Madison Avenue, a log cabin warmed by a crackling wood fire, a tour of a dusty apartment and its guest room revenants. The radio serves as the portal to complex worlds described by DeJong’s disembodied voice as Baum stitches fragmented stories together through captured slices of image and text.

Top image: Erica Baum, On Hold, 2017, archival pigment print
Bottom image: Constance DeJong, Series One, 2015-16, Zenith radio programmed to play audio tracks