bureau inc

Matt Hoyt
Bureau at Art Basel Miami Beach
Nova section, booth N4
December 3 - 6 2015

Matt Hoyt, Artist Book (Detail), 2015

Bureau is pleased to present a solo project with Matt Hoyt for Art Basel Miami Beach 2015.

Elegant and spare, the stand will feature four new works by the artist: compositions of small, hand-made objects, ordered atop pale supports and centrally installed on four plinths. These compositions include Hoyt’s most numerous group to date comprising over 50 objects which resemble - but do not represent - familiar items such as shells, bones, orifices and stones. A shift in perception might lead the imagination to different scales, conjuring a futuristic architecture. Sharing a similar grey palette, the objects are highlighted with specks of color and a sanded finish that reveal layers of material and color shedding light on the artist’s long labor with each piece. They can evoke shamanistic talismans and enigmatic stone-age tools, while remaining jarringly simple and a challenge to our notions of sculpture. The artist’s concentration on construction, finish and composition is keenly felt, and these mysterious arrangements of objects, that possess a certain aero-dynamism as well as an elemental primitivism, continue to compel.

A limited edition, tape cassette-sized artist book, accompanies this project featuring a series of the artist’s photographs of his own fingers holding 34 individual objects.

Matt Hoyt (b. 1975, Mount Kisco, NY) lives and works in Brooklyn. He received his BFA in 2000 from the School of Visual Arts. Past solo exhibitions include: Matt Hoyt: One Another, Art in General, NY (2015); It’s Always Nice to Meet You, Bureau, NY (2014); 2006-2011, Bureau, NY (2012); and Escalator to Common Art, with Mark Van Yetter, Dispatch, New York, NY (2008). His work was included in the 2012 Whitney Biennial, as well as PS1’s 2010 Greater New York and Jay Sanders’s 2009 White Columns Annual. Other selected group shows include: Addicted to Highs and Lows, Cur. Richard Aldrich, Bortolami, NY (2011), and On Top of the Whale, Cur. Olivia Shao, Mitchell Algus, NY (2009). In 2013 Hoyt was awarded the Foundation for Contemporary Arts’ Grants to Artists Award. His work is in the public collection of the Whitney Museum of American Art.