bureau inc

Lionel Maunz
Solo presentation
Frieze New York

May 9 - 12 2014
VIP Preview and Opening: May 8 2014


Lionel Maunz sculpts complex, often figurative, forms and, most recently, casts these pieces in iron. His work is an intricate accumulation of these forms, composed atop multi-layered concrete plinths. Unified compositions assert the artistʼs unflinching vision and cruel fascination with the body.

The installation at Frieze shows Maunzʼs continued interest in the horse's potential as a frame through which to examine the base and desperate foundation of human agency as well its exultation through violence. The practice of soring and dressage serves as a reference point for the artist's continued treatment of the repressive function of family. One large work for Frieze features a cast-iron saddle, its underside revealing an elaborate lattice of horse entrails bubbling forth. Smaller cast-iron hooves, a bit, and stirrups flank this dense and bizarrely beautiful object. These works are juxtaposed with a gruesome godhead on a tall, concrete throne. The installation builds upon the artistʼs language of geometric, architectural forms in combination with elements cast from human bodies and arcane mechanical implements.



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