bureau inc

Viktor Kopp & Justin Matherly
Bureau at NADA Miami
Booth 602, Richelieu
December 1 - 4 2011

Viktor Kopp, Left Chocolate 2, 2011, oil on canvas, 50 x 133 cm.

Bureau is pleased to announce its participation in NADA MIAMI, to be held at the Deauville Hotel in Miami Beach from December 1 - 4 2011. Bureau will present new works by two gallery artists, Viktor Kopp and Justin Matherly.

Viktor Kopp will present a group of new paintings engaged with his chosen motifs of squares of chocolate, grey doors and greyscale abstractions-cum-landscapes. Literally pushing at the edge of his canvas, Kopp's compositions show crops, shifts and rotations, provoking the autonomy of the 2-dimensional picture plane. Rectangular painted motifs tease the notion of the painting as window. He pushes into a 3-dimensional illusion revealing a gaping blankness in monochromatic emptiness which is lushly painted with the sumptuous and complex vocabulary of Kopp's brushwork.

Justin Matherly will present three new cast concrete and aluminum sculptures, building on his interest in fractures and fragments of classical statuary. Having completed interpretations in solid concrete of three historical versions for the missing right arm of the monumental marble statue depicting Laocöon and His Sons for his current show at Bureau, Matherly will present three left arm pieces at NADA. These sinister versions of the ghosts-limbs serve as a kind of reversal, problematizing the notion of copying or restorating hellenistic sculpture. Always showing an interest in tempering his sculptural mastery with a concession to the heft and fortitude of his chosen medium, Matherly's concrete fragments show a tension between figuration, texture and volume.

NADA Miami Beach
Booth 602, Richelieu
The Deauville Hotel, Miami Beach
December 1 - 4 2011